Smart textile engineer

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Unternehmen: nanoleq AG

Standort: 8045 Zürich

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nanoleq is a Spin-Off from ETH Zürich developing a soft wire technology which will change the way e-textiles are produced. The smart textile industry is booming. ECG shirts, muscle activity tracking and electrostimulation suits for sports, breathing and temperature monitoring garments for health care and work-safety textiles are popping up on the market. However, the textile and electronics industries have not fully merged yet. Electric wires are rigid, fragile, not easy to insert into garments and they corrode under washing. Motivated by this challenge, and having worked with stretchable conductive polymers for years, we at nanoleq developed a new stretchable wiring solution which combines industry-standard lamination tapes with ultraconductive elastomers. Our solution will enable e-textiles to be comfortable, durable and easy to produce, and it will kick-start the large-scale production of e-textiles. The work at nanoleq is interdisciplinary – between material, electrical, textile, mechanical and process engineering. We work with ETH Zürich, TITV Greiz (a leading German textile institute) as well as textile and electronics partner companies.
Smart textile engineer
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Smart textile engineer
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