Marketing, photography and web assistant position in Algeciras, Spain


Unternehmen: Spain Internship

Standort: 11201 Algeciras

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Spain Internship is a student recruitment organization with a wide experience in the field. Working with more than 500 companies all over Europe and precisely in Spain, we can offer you the perfect internship experience

Tätigkeiten / Anforderungen

The tasks are mainly related to the online store. These include:
- Managing product registrations
- Text translations
- Retouching/photo editing.

Language skills:
- Proficiency level of German
- Intermediate level of English
- Spanish basics would be considered as a plus

- Good command of computers
- Good command of Microsoft Office and Open Office
- Experience with Adobe Photoshop would be highly appreciated
- SEO skills

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  • Deutsch
  • Englisch


< 200 Euro

Beginn / Dauer

Beginn: 01.08.2019
Dauer: Keine Angabe

Sonstige Informationen des Unternehmens

Internship hours:
- At least 3 months
- Internship hours: Monday to Friday,  from 9 to 15

Benefits: 100€/month